Saturday, July 31, 2010

Puzzle Bank-3

1. Can you find a word of nine letters from which you can delete one letter at a time and yet always give another valid world, until you get down to a single-letter word? There's no need to rearrange the letters at each stage eigther.

2. A woman gave birth to two boys on the same date, within about twenty minutes of each other, and yet both are not twins. How could this be?

3. A rope ladder hangs down the side of the ship. The rungs on the ladder are one foot apart. At low tide the water just covers the bottom rung of the ladder. At high tide, the water level has risen by three feet. How many rungs will be covered by then?

4. Two Indians are walking through the forest. One Indian is the son of the other , but the other is not his father. How?

5. A tramp can make one cigarette from three cigarette butt that he has. One day, when he completely without any smokes at all, he finds a packet of ten cigarettes.
How many full cigarettes can he smoke from these?

6. How far can a rabbit run into a wood?

7. A farmer dies and leaves his saventeen cows to his three sons with the following provision:
The eldest son is to recieve 1/2
The second son is to recieve 1/3
The youngest son is to recieve 1/9
How is the will settlled?

8. A man leaves his house and walks one mile due north. He then walks one mile due east, followed by one mile due south, when he arrives back at his starting point . How deos is this possible?

9. A friend of mine's grandfather is younger than his father. How is this possible?

10. A certain family ha three children, and half the children are boys. How is this?

2. She has triplets
3. Still only one rung, since the goes up with the water
4. it was his mother
5. Fifteen. first he smoked the ten, giving him 10 butts. but he made three more from nine of the butts and had a butt leftover. When he would smoked these he still had four butts, which made one more cigarette, and left him with two butts.
Then a friend came along and lent him a butt which he used to make his fifteenth cigarette, and when he'd smoked that he gave his friend his butt back.
6. Half way, after that he's running out again
7. The neighbour brings a cow to make the total 18
He then gives the eldest son one half - i.e 9
cowsHe then gives the second son one-third - i.e 6 cows
He then gives his youngest son one ninth-- 1.e. 2 cows
making a total of 17 cows. So he then takes his own cow home
8. There are infinite places where this could occur. The most obvious of these in the south pole , but he could also be at any place which is 1 mile south of a point where the cross section of earth is a circle of circumference 1 mile
9. The grandfather is his mother's father
10. All the children are boys

Friday, July 30, 2010

Puzzle Bank2

1. If a hen and a half lay an egg and half in a day and half. How long will it take twelve hens to lay twelve eggs?

2. One ninth is two less than a third of one half of X. What is X?

3. Which number, when added to twelve, gives the same result as if it were multiplied by six?

4. Two trians approach each other from opposite directions. One is travelling at 50mph. the other at 70mph. How far apart are they fifteen minutes before they meet?

5. There is a three digit number which:
if you add seven to it it devides exactly by seven
if you add eight to it itdevides exacly by eight
if you add nine to it it devides exactly by nine
What is the number?

6. A man is standing on a railway line and hears a train coming. He runs for safety as quickly as possible. However, he first runs twenty yards along the track towards the incoming trian. Why?

7. A snail climbs up a greasy flagpole twenty feet high. He climbs three feet each day but slips back two feet each night. He starts at day break on 1st febraury. when does he reach the top?

8. The big hand of the Big Ben clock weighs 1200lb. and the hour hand weighs 700lb. What is the total weight of the hands? The answer is not 1900lb.

9. A man drives to work at 30mph. How fast would he has to drive back in order to average 60mph for the two way journey? The answer is not 90mph.

10. A new laid egg drops six feet directly above a concrete floor without breaking. How is this done? (and it's not boiled)

11. if it takes four men eight days to dig four holes , how long does it take one man to dig half a hole?

12. Name two Olympic events in which the winner crosses the finishing line facing backwards.

13. There are two stalls in the market selling Apples. stall A sells them at three for Rs 10. stall B sells them at two for Rs 10. On Monday each sells 300 apples therefore stall A collects Rs 1000 and Stall B collects Rs. 1500. a total 2500.
On Tuesday , each stall has 300 apples. but this time both stall decide to combine and sell at five for Rs20. at the end of the day, all the apples are sold but they find that they only have Rs 2400 to be shared between them. What happened to the extra Rs 100?

14. If you could fold a sheet of rice paper one thousandth of an inch thick exactly fifty times, how thick would the resulting wad be?

15. Which weighs the most, a pound of feathers or a pound of gold? The answer is not that they both weigh the same.

1. A day and half
2. 12 2/3
3. 2 2/5
4. Since the relative speed of the trains to each other is 50+70=120mph. i.e 2 miles per minute, it follows that 15 minutes before crossing they will be 30 miles apart.
5. 504
6. He was standing 20 yards insidde the tunnel
7. By the end of 17th day and night he would be 3 feet from the top and therefore on the 18th day , i.e. 18th febraury, he would climb 3 feet and reach the top.
8. 7600lb .There are four faces to the clock
9. He would have to drive at infinate speed , therefore the answer is impossible. Suppose the distance is 30miles. Then it would take him one hour to go to work. Since the total journey is 60miles, in order to average 60mph, he would need to return home in no time at all.
10. The floor is six foot one inch below the egg
11. You can't dig half a hole
12 Rowing and backstroke swimming
13 you can't add rates to get to get total rates
14 The rice paper would be 17,769,885 miles thick.
15 The standard answer is that they both weigh the same. But infact feathers are measured on the avoirdupois scale os weights in which there 16 ounces to the pound. where as gold is measured on the troy scale in which there are 12 ounces to the pound. So the feathers weigh the most.

Puzzle Bank 1

1. A two digit number, read from left to right is 4.5 times as large as the same number read from right to left.
what is the number?
2. Only one of these 5 statements is correct--which one is corect?
1.Only one of these statement is correct
2. Only two of these statements are false
3.Three of these satatements are false
4. Four of these statements are false
5. All five of these statements statements are false

3. Which number when added to 5/4 gives the same result as when multiplied by 5/4
4. A Girl has as many sisters as she has brothers.But each brother has twice as many sisters as brothers. How many sisters and Brothers in the family?

5. A train leaves Chennai at 8.00AM and travels to Hyderabad at 60kmph . At 9am Another train leaves Hyderabad and travels towards Chennai at 90kmph. Which train is nearer to Hyderabad when they pass?

6. If the only sister of your mother's only brother has an only child, what would be your relashionship with that child?

7.A man buys a carton of 200 cigarettes, and every day he smokes seven cigarettes less than the day before Evantually the arrives when his quota is down to one cigarette-which happens to be all that there left in the original carton.
How many a day was he smoking when he bought the carton?

8. There are eight oranges in a box. How can you devide them between eight people so that each person gets one orange, and one orange left in the box.
The oranges must not be peeled or cut.

9. Jack's famous Beanstalk doubled its hieght every day. After twenty one days it was as high as the town hall. after how many days was it half the hieght of the town hall?

10. Some ducks are marching across a path. There's a duck in front of two ducks , there is a duck in the middle


1. 81

2. Statement (4), i.s only four of these statements are false

3. X+5/4= X*5/4 i.e 4X+5= 5X...solving u get X=5..Hence the Nuber is 5

4. Three boys and four girls

5. Both are at the same distance away when they pass

6. It would be you

7. He was smoking fifty a day at the outset, but he also had four cigarettes left over from his last packet.

8. Each person gets one orange but one man also gets the box

9.Twenty days

10. Three ducks