Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blood Relations - 1

1. Introducing Ragini, Babita said "She is the only daughter of my father's only daughter". How is Babita related to Raagini ?
1. niece 2. cousin 3. aunt 4. data inadiquate 5. none of these

2. M is the father of N, L s brother of M, P is mother of L. How is N related to P?
1. grandson 2. nephew 3. grand daughter 4. can't be determined 5. none of these

3. Introducing a girl, Rambabu said, " My wife's mother-in-law's husband's only son's son is her brother". How is Rambabu related to that girl?
1. uncle 2. brother 3. father 4. grand father 5. none of these

4. Introducing a boy, rani said, " His father is the only son of my mother-in-law". How is Rani related to that boy?
1. aunt 2. wife 3. sister 4. mother 5. none of these

5. Introducing a man , a woman said ," He is the only son of the mother of my mother". How is the woman related to the man?
1. Mother 2. sister 3. Niece 4. Maternal aunt 5. None of these

6. Introducing a woman, Sashi said " She is the mother of the only daughter of my son". How the woman is related to Sashi?
1. daughter 2. sister-in-law 3. wife 4. daughter-in-law 5. none of these

7. Pointing to a woman Akash said, "her grand daughter is the only daughter of my brother". How is the woman related to Akash?
1. Sister 2. Grandmother 3. Mother-in-law 4. Mother 5. Sister-in-law

8. Pointing to a person Dheeraj said, " His only brother is the father of my daughter". How is the person related to Dheeraj ?
1. Father 2. Grand father 3. uncle 4. brother-in-law 5. none of these

9. Pointing to Gautam, Neelima says, " I am the daughter of the only son of his grandfather." How is Neelima related to Gautam?
1. niece 2. daughter 3. sister 4. can't be detrmined 5. none of these

10. A is the son of C; C and Q are sisters; Z is the mother of Q and P is the son of Z. which of the following statements is true ?
1. P and A are cousins 2. P is maternal uncle of A 3. P is maternal grandfather of A 4. C and P are sisters 5. None of these


1. 5 (none of these)

Babita's father's only daughter is ---> Babita herself.

Babita's only daughter is ---> Ragini . So Babita is the mother of Raagini

2. 4 (Can not be determined)

M and L are brothers and thier mother is P. As the gender of N is not confirmed, we can not say how N is related to P. P is the grand father of N. If N is a male he is grandson of P or if N is female she is granddaughter of P.

3. 3 (Father)

My wife's mother-in-law's husband --> Rambabu's mother's husband ---> Rambabu's father. My wife's mother-in-laws's husbands only son's son ---> Rambabu's fathers only son's son ---> Rambabu's son is the brother to the girl. so Rambabu is the father to the girl

4. 4 (Mother)

Only son-in-law of my mother-in-law ---> Only son of Rani's mother-in-law --> Only son of Rani's husbands mother ---> Rani's husband himself. Rani's husband is the boys father. So, Rani is mother to the boy.

5. 3 (niece)

Mother of my mother ---> Mother of woman's mother ---> women's material grandmother. Only son of woman's maternal grandmother ---> women's mother's brother ---> woman's maternal uncle. so, the woman is niece to the man

6. 4 (Daughter-in-law)

Only daughetr of my son ---only daughter of Sashi's son ---> Sashi's grandson. She is the mother of Sashi's grandson ----> the woman is Sashi's son's wife --- Sashi is father-in-law to the woman. So, the woman is daughter-in-law to Sashi

7. 4 (Mother)

Only daughter of my brother --> only daughetr of Akash's brother. Her grand daughter is the only daughter of akash's brother. So, she is mother of Akash and Akash's brother.

8. 3 (Uncle)

my daughetr's father ---> Dheeraj's daughters father ---> Dheeraj only. The person's brother is the father of Dheeraj. Dheeraj is nephew of that person. So, the person is peternal uncle of Dheeraj.

9. 3 (Sister)

Only son of his grand father -----> only son of Goutham's grandfarher----> Gautam's father. Neelima is the daughter of Gautham's father. So, Neelima and Gautham are sibilings . Neelima is the sister to Gautam.

10. 2 (P is maternal uncle of A )

C, Q and P are sibilings and Z is thier mother . A is nephew of Q and P. Q is A's maternal aunt and P is A,s maternal uncle and Z is A,s maternal grand mother.